By John Balson @JJBalson

THE owner of Britain's fastest street-legal car has vowed to reclaim it's title as the quickest in the world - after being knocked off his throne by an American team

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Videographer / Director: Jay Davies

Producer: John Balson

Editor: Joshua Douglas

Andy Frost takes Britain's fastest street legal car, Red Victor 3, for a spin in July 2013

Andy Frost's Red Victor 3 held the World street legal quarter-mile speed record for more than two years but was disappointed to see it finally overtaken by Larry Larson in September.

But Andy, whose powerful vehicle can go from 0-60 in under a SECOND, is refusing to back down.

Andy going for a ride in Red Victor 2 in 2009

"When my record was broken I felt down for a second, but then I was straight up again," said the married father-of-three from Wolverhampton.

"Now I'm more fired up than when we initially broke it. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. 

Red Victor 3, at Santa Pod Raceway in May 2013, can go from 0-60 in under a second

"It's given us something to aim for again. I'm not the target anymore, I'm the chaser."

Andy's Red Victor 3 currently carries a 3000 plus horsepower V8 engine that, from a standing start, can help it hit speeds of 226mph over a quarter-of-a mile.

It weighs 1,360kg due to all the modifications but he can still take it for a spin on public roads, saying it 'handles pretty well'.

Red Victor 3 currently carries a 3000 plus horsepower V8 engine
In the driving seat: Andy gets behind the wheel of Red Victor 3

The 53-year-old has dedicated his life to Red Victor projects, spending thousands converting a humble Vauxhall Victor into one of the most impressive cars in the world.

He bought the original car for just £60 in the 80s before embarking on a journey to turn it into the world's fastest street-legal car.

Over 30 years he has spent almost 10000 hours with his team customising it into the increasingly more powerful Red Victor 1 and  Red Victor 2 - admitting he's spent plenty of 'holiday money' on his hobby.

From a standing start, Victor 3 can hit speeds of 229mph over a quarter-of-a mile
Andy working on the fast and furious vehicle

n 2009 he started building Red Victor 3 with the sole aim of making it the world's fastest street legal car over a quarter-mile.

That dream was finally realised in 2012 with a time of 6.59 seconds at Santa Pod Raceway in Bedfordshire. He then broke it again in 2013 with a personal best time of 6.4 seconds.

However, in September American Larry Larson smashed the record with a time of 6.16 seconds at Tulsa Raceway Park in Oklahoma.

The challenge is on once again, but Andy has vowed to reclaim his title and be king of the raceway once again.

His supporters, called "The Red Victor 5 second club - who he describes as 'the best in the world' - have backed him by raising a substantial sum in just 10 days to help him towards the future upgrades.

Big Red: The car weighs 1,360kg due to all the modifications in March 2013

He said: "We need to have a rethink on the car, and we will be doing that very soon. 

"We know what the new target is, and the team have to decide if we can reach that target with what we currently have, or go with something new in the engine, turbo or transmission department."

The latest model: the super-speedy-car can still take a spin on British roads