By Bunmi Adigun @bunmi_adigun

CAR enthusiast Rodger Dudding has amassed the biggest collection of classic cars in Britain - worth an estimated £40million

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The business magnate started his collection back in the late 60s when he purchased a Jensen Interceptor FF and hasn’t looked back since.

With more than 350 vehicles in his collection, Mr Dudding, 79, is still planning to add to his ever expanding fleet of iconic cars after recently finishing work on his latest garage development which cost a whopping £7 million to build.

The Aston Martin Lagonda is polarising car among motor heads

The multi millionaire’s love of cars started as a teenager when his father purchased a 1952 Morris Minor. Although the car could only reach a top speed of 65mph Rodger was in awe of it and it takes pride of place in his collection today.

Rodger Dudding's cars vary from the luxurious to the mundane with some dating back to the 1900s

He said: “If people ask me my most valuable car then I would have to say my late father’s 1952 Morris Minor. It is totally and absolutely an original.”

The self confessed motor head arguably has one of the most important car collections in Europe due to the varied nature of his collection.

Mr Dudding's favourite car is his late father's 1952 Morris Minor

Rodger has a variety of different cars from the luxurious to the more mundane everyday vehicles, the oldest car in his collection is a 1911 Vulcan tourer.

Rodger said: “I can look upon a motorcar in many cases as a piece of three dimensional art. It doesn’t have to be an expensive motorcar. It could be very small motorcar.

Rodger is also an avid motorcycle collector and has a vast collection from different decades

'And as an art collector of major specialist brands I thought there was a gap there and people were not necessarily saving for posterity, for history, and that’s why I buy unusual pieces of machinery.”

Among Rodger’s unusual assortment of cars he boasts 24 Aston Martin Lagondas, a rare model from the British car manufacturer who only ever built 645.

Considered by many to be the Marmite of cars, opinions are mixed on the unique vehicle due to its sharp lines and lack of curves on the exterior.

The car enthusiast started his collection in the late 60s with the purchase of his Jensen Interceptor FF

Dudding said: “The Aston Martin Lagonda, you love them or you hate them. I am now up to 24 which I’m told is the largest collection in the world. You probably have to be nutty to own one, and you should be taken to the lunatic asylum if you’ve got three or more. I don’t know where that positions me.”

The oldest car in Rodger's collection is a 1911 Vulcan

The entrepreneur's business acumen is just as impressive as his car collection with an estimated net worth of £162 million according to the Sunday Times' Rich List.

A former apprentice engineer for the Royal Navy, Rodger was forced to leave after injuring his back while on the job.

Mr Dudding's collection started as a way to collect historic and iconic vehicles in motor history

Using his engineering knowledge, in 1970 Rodger invented a paper ticketing machine; a device to help manage busy queues in places such as butchers and supermarkets.

Initially called the ’Take a Ticket’ system, he has renamed it the queue management system which is still being used by companies today.

He said: “They still use our system in Harrods and Selfridges and all the major supermarket use the system on their counters.”

The 79-year-old has recently completed a new development to house his growing collection of cars

Not only has Rodger got an extensive collection of cars he also has an impressive array of motorbikes from various decades including one of the world’s only Bentley motorcycles.

Rodger said: “This is the only two wheel vehicle in the world permitted to be badged Bentley. So, it is bit of an unusual one. But again you have to be bonkers enough to buy these things. To me it is just history.”

Rodger Dudding used to be an apprentice in the Royal Navy

With his collection continuously growing, Rodger has recently finished the development of his latest studio which will house more of his vehicles, house events, and comes equipped with a state-of-the art sprinkler system, two purpose built parking lifts and round the clock security.

He said: “When we bought this building. It was just a ground floor and then the roof. We took it apart basically and pile drived the whole lot and we’ve now built a total of five floors.”