By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

A ROCKET-POWERED Chevrolet hits speeds of nearly 400mph, a Ghostbusters fanatic drives the streets of New York in an exact replica of the Ecto-1, and a record-breaking daredevil flies 166ft through the air in a huge semi-truck - these are just some of the high-octane vehicles that appear in the Barcroft Cars 2015 round-up

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Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

Meet your maker: Beast creator Ferris Rezvani takes his creation for a spin

From the glitz and glamour of a Qatari supercar collectors club, to the mud-soaked mayhem of a Vermont monster truck event - the channel has proved that petrol-heads come in all shapes and sizes.

Owner Martin Smith inside the Cosmotron

Iconic vehicles from the movies provided the inspiration for many of this year's most popular stories. 

Michigan-born Mad Max fan Dale Walter showed off his replica of the Interceptor.

Box fresh: Designers in London created a driveable cardboard replica of a Lexus

While Florida-based brothers Marc and Shanon Parker welcomed us to the workshop where they have built replicas of the Batman Tumbler, Optimus Prime, and Ecto-1.

In the UK designers built a life-size drivable Lexus entirely out of cardboard, while in Hungary a carpenter turned to wood when he wanted to build a working tractor.

One giant leap: A daredevil makes an incredible jump over a truck

In California high-performance supercar the Beast was unleashed on the track, while in Ohio a super buggy jumped through derelict buildings.

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