By Samantha Grillo @_samanthagrillo

A BATMAN fanatic has forged a living building original 1966 BATMOBILE replicas

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Videographer / Director: Brad Podowski
Producer: Samantha Grillo, Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

Mark Racop builds incredible replicas of the 1966 Batmobile from the original television series

Mark Racop, 50, has been obsessed with the car since childhood and spent $250,000 researching and building moulds for the recreations. 

He and his team of ten staff at his shop, Fiberglass Freaks, work six days every week building the cars from the original television series.

For up to $220,000 customers can purchase one of these incredible cars

Mark said: “The 1966 Batmobile was very special to me because it was such an iconic design.

“With those double bubble windshields, long fins, it was so retro that it looks futuristic, even today.

The Batmobiles include features from the original vehicle like the flamethrower on the back

“I’m always searching for the best possible way to improve the car. 

“Each one is better than the previous one in terms of features and accuracy.”

Mark spent $250,000 researching and making molds for the replicas

Mark, from Logansport, Indiana, built his first replica when he was just 19.

It takes up to eight months to complete one of the replicas start to finish

Five years ago he was awarded authorisation by DC Comics to become officially licensed to build the replicas. 

He watched the entire television series on VHS and made detailed notes about the car to recreate it.

Mark, owner of Fiberglass Freaks, has been obsessed with the television series since age 2

His replicas were so accurate that its measurements were only about a quarter of an inch from the original car.

To date Mark has created 22 replicas

Mark said: “I spent $250,000 in 2009 redoing every mould of the entire car, and I’m about to do it again.

Mark built his first replica at age 19 with the help of five friends

“The car is made from a Lincoln Towncar - we strip it down to a bare frame.

“Then we build it up with new suspension, steering, brakes and give it a fiberglass body.”

Each replica can drive up to 120 miles per hour

The car even has a flamethrower on the back of it like the original. 

Mark said: “We use a propane tank with hidden switches under the dashboard.

Mark watched the entire Batman series on VHS and took notes about the 1966 Batmobile

“The dashboard has five separate roll top sections just like a desk.

Five years ago Mark was awarded authorisation by DC Comics to build the replicas

“The Batmobile in the television show went about 300 miles per hour but ours go about 120.”

EXACT REPLICA: The recreations are so accurate that it measures just a quarter of an inch off from the original car

It can cost up to $220,000 for a high-end model of the replica which can take up to eight months to complete start to finish.

Mark and his ten employees at Fiberglass Freaks spend six days every week working on the cars

Mark said: “I consider building these 1966 Batmobiles a joy and it is the best job in the world.”