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WHILE millions of film fans dream of owning James Bond’s Aston Martin or Bruce Wayne’s Batmobile, Ollie Wilkey has turned his movie car fantasy into a reality

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Back to the Future: The DeLorean even has screen-accurate lighting circuits

The self-employed inventory clerk, 25, from Keynsham in Somerset, is the proud owner of a DeLorean Time Machine – the iconic vehicle made famous in the Back to the Future series.

Although sadly not capable of traveling back to 1955, the 'screen accurate' DeLorean features everything from fully-programmable time circuits to a flux capacitor and Mr Fusion Home Energy Reactor.

When the souped-up vehicle reaches 88kph it activates a series of lights and time travel sound effects.   

Let's time travel! Ollie's face is illuminated by the car's lighting panels

And, incredibly, the DeLorean can even be put in a hover conversion mode, mimicking the flying car driven by Doc Brown at the end of the first film and that plays a starring role in the second instalment of the franchise.  

The car was built in Florida by an ex-NASA engineer and Universal Studios contractor, and later bought by his friend Luke, who sold it to Ollie in February this year for a five-figure sum.  

Ollie said: "I love the films to bits, it all stems from that. I was looking to buy a DeLorean when I was 16, before I could actually drive. 

The enthusiast adjusts his DeLorean's time circuits to the dates of Back to the Future I, III and II

"Quite quickly I realised they were very rare and too expensive for someone that age. 

"But the idea stayed in the back of my mind and I saw an advert for a self-drive thing, where you could hire one for a weekend. 

"A lot of deals are done through the Owners Club before they go on the open market, so they go quite quickly.  

"I always wanted a DeLorean, but I never really thought you’d be able to own one that looks like the film car, so I got a stock one, that emptied out my savings account." 

Back to the Future memorabilia including a hover board, Grays Sports Almanac, self-lacing shoes and a JVC GR-C1 camcorder as used by Doc Brown

Ollie bought his first DeLorean - a black automatic - in May 2012 and spent 18 months doing it up, before purchasing the DeLorean Time Machine in February 2014.

 “I always wanted to own a DeLoean – I bought one two years ago through the owners club, and my sister’s fiancée did a restoration on it," he said. 

“Through the owners club I got to know Luke, and I knew he was toying with selling it.”

Ollie Wilkey sits in his DeLorean Time Machine

Ollie runs a business renting the car out, but still finds time to take the DeLorean for a spin - recently ferrying Jason Bradbury from the hit Channel 5 programme The Gadget Show around London. 

And the real-life Marty McFly says he has become used to the amount of attention the car generates.  

Ollie said: “It’s not like any other car – if you saw someone in a Ferrari or a rare or expensive sports car, you wouldn’t necessarily go up and touch it or try and sit in it.

The DeLorean is a magnet for Back to the Future enthusiasts and their cameras

“But with the DeLoreans people are just desperate to get as close as they possible can to it – touch the metalwork, ask if they can sit in it – I’ve had people jump in it before without asking.

“You have to be in the right mood to go out in it, because obviously it does get a lot of attention, and you end up stopping a lot. It’s great, but it’s not ideal if you’re in a rush.”

Ollie’s DeLorean has even attracted attention from the law – with officers pulling him over to pose for snaps and compliment him on his car.

Back to the Future: The DeLorean even has screen-accurate lighting circuits

He said: "I’ve been stopped at the side of the road, then people pull in beside me, take a quick picture and then drive off. People will pull in to let you past them, to enable them to take a video. 

"In one of my first drives in my first DeLorean, I got followed for quite a long time by police. There were two police officers, and one of them was taking pictures as I went past, they followed me into the car park, they got out and had a chat and took some photos.  

"It’s unlike any other car. You don’t really get any bad feedback – people just smile when they see it, it makes people happy."

The car features everything from fully-programmable time circuits to a flux capacitor and Mr Fusion Home Energy Reactor

However, not everyone is quite as smitten with the DeLorean as Ollie – including his girlfriend Anna.

"I think she tolerates it. She’s not too fussed about cars, she likes being able to tell people we’ve got a DeLorean," he said. 

"She knows it’s not the worst thing a boyfriend could do. I don’t go down the pub every Friday drinking. She rolls her eyes quite often, but in general she’s very supportive." 


Stop and Stare: the DeLorean time machine attracts attention wherever it goes

Anna added: "When Ollie first bought it, I got inside it and I got really excited as well and acted a bit like a little kid pressing all the buttons and it does this, it does that.

I've always liked the films but I wouldn't necessarily call myself a fan as in I'd want to get one. 

"I'd rather get a Volkswagen camper van so I'd happily get the one that the Libyans come in. I would like that very much instead of having two DeLoreans." 

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Ollie's standard DeLorean stands next to his screen accurate time machine