By Giacomo Brunelli

DESIGNED in the late 60s by Richard Teague, the father of the Jeep Cherokee XJ and Pacer – take a look at the award-winning ‘Javelin’ car

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Videographer / director: Adams Wood

Producer: Nick Johnson, Ruby Coote   

Editor: Ian Phillips


Brothers Mike and Jim Ring are known for having dedicated 4,700 hours to a 1969 Dodge Charger.

Now they’ve taken their passion into doing major bodywork and horsepower changes to high-end muscle car 1972 AMX Javelin.

“Too much horsepower in a cool old vintage car, it’s a freak,” Mike said.

According to the Ring brothers, the Javelin is an unusual choice for car enthusiasts.

Jim continued: “If you talked to all the Ford Mustang guys and all the Camaro guys back then, the AMX Javelin was probably the ugly duckling.”

But this did not stop the Ring brothers, and they set about an epic year-long project that cost them a whopping $500,000.

“There was a lot that was involved with that car,” said Mike.

Modifications include lowering it by four inches from its factory height, adding Detroit speed 69 front sub suspensions.

“From the windshield forward it was all hand built, and then hand laid in carbon, the rest was machine,” explained Jim.

However, what really makes this a Javelin like no other, is the extended wheelbase that shifts the front wheel forward by 6.5 inches.

The front end of the car was also heavily modified, as the original front nose was part of the reason why this car was not thought to be aesthetically pleasing at the time.

Mike said: “I just think people couldn’t get past the front nose of the car, that’s kind of why that car was considered ugly to a lot of people.

“That was probably the greatest thing we did to change the look of that car.”

Auto chemical company Prestone, who now owns the car, wanted 1,000 horsepower on the custom Javelin.

“We didn’t feel comfortable using an old AMC motor, so we ended up putting a Hellcat motor out of a new Hellcat” Mike explained.

Under the hood, the Hellcat engine is a 6.2 litre V8 and is complemented by a Whipple supercharger which brings the horsepower to well over 1,000.

“It was making way more than 1,000 so we ended up putting a bigger pulley on the blower to slow the boost down on the car because it was just too much power for it,” Jim said.

Prestone test driver Bam has taken the Ring brother’s Javelin out for a drive and was impressed.

Bam said: “This car is just phenomenal, all of the changes that the Ring brothers have made to this car - you don’t see it every day.”