By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

A FEARLESS stunt driver squeezes his way into the record books by executing the world’s tightest ever 360 degree spin

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Videographer / Director: John Robertston
Producer: Tom Gillespie, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Give us a wave: Alastair Moffatt in the Subaru BRZ he used to set the record

Petrolhead Alastair Moffatt travelled at a speed of roughy 30mph down a narrow lane of cars.

The professional stunt driver, of Stunt Drive UK, spun his Subaru BRZ 360 degrees then accelerated to the end of the course - all in one continuous motion.

Special measures: Alastair achieved the record-breaking spin in a gap just 2.25m longer than the length of his car

Alastair's car was slightly over 4m long and the gap allowed for just 2.25m of clearance for him to complete the stunt - smashing the previous record of 2.5m.

Once confirmed by Guinness World Records, Alastair's feat will mark his seventh world record.

Lights, camera, action: Before completing the official attempt Alastair broke the record in front of a live crowd

After pulling off the stunt at the Autosport International event at the Birmingham NEC, the 37-year-old said: "It was very exciting in front a live audience, it was a challenging record.

"It was doesn't look that narrow at first, but when you approach it in a car you realise how tight the space is.

"I was slightly nervous as anyone would be, but I am glad I pulled it off."

The big moment: Alastair spins into the record books on his official attempt

The stunt involved driving through a narrow corridor of cars, and Alastair was required to execute a full 360 while travelling through the passage.

Crucially Alastair had to execute the stunt without touching any of the cars on either side.

The stunt maestro spent three months practising for the record and managed to break it in his fifteenth attempt.

The stunt driver stands on top of his car after setting a new world record

Earlier in the day he performed a show in the Live Action Arena at the Autosport International event - where he executed the record-breaking spin in front of a live crowd.

In November last year Alastair broke the world record for the tightest reverse parallel park when he reversed and spun a classic Mini into a space just 34cm wide.

He also holds the records for the tightest parallel park driving forward and for driving through the narrowest gap on two wheels.

Stunt Drive UK's Alastair Moffatt now holds seven world records

The 360 spin record was achieved on Thursday, January 14, and will now be sent to Guinness World Records to be verified.

Alastair will be showcasing his driving prowess and recreating his incredible 360 spin in each Live Action Arena show for the remainder of Autosport International, which runs from January 14-17.