By Holly Upton

A CAR enthusiast from London has built the world’s only six-wheeled, 19ft “beast” Hummer - so that he could drive it to the shops

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Videographer / director: Bob Callway
Producer: Holly Upton, Ruby Coote
Editor: Ian Phillips


A CAR enthusiast from London has built the world’s only six-wheeled, 19ft “beast” Hummer - so that he could drive it to the shops. 

Niall Seymour is the proud owner of a seven foot wide, six-wheeled Hummer SUVT – the first and only of its kind in the world.

The one-off custom build started as a 2006 four-wheeled Hummer SUV but in 2017, was combined with an SUT Truck bed to create a unique six-wheeled pick-up version.

It weighs a whopping 3.5 tons, is six metres long and over two metres tall. 

Niall told Barcroft TV: “It is not easy to park, there is a reversing camera but you have to be more aware of the width than anything.

“I haven’t nudged anything out the way, deliberately.”

Despite having the standard Hummer 6.0L Vortec V8 petrol engine and 325hp, the “ridiculous” ride boasts 37” off-road tyres, custom electronic deployable side steps and four interior television screens.

It also sports Japanese 22” custom Bazo B8 wheels and has a six wheel brake.

Spare parts were sourced from four separate donor Hummers and were shipped into the UK from Japan, Lithuania and the USA.

Niall used 100% Hummer H2 parts, making sure that the car kept an element of its original and authentic look. 

When asked what inspired him to start customising the car, Niall said: “I don’t have a reason for why I built it. I get bored easily and I think it’s the best answer to that. I just figured, why not?”

The Londoner spent over 10 months on his Hummer before he could get it on the road. So now, he says, he drives it everywhere – even on his way to the shops!

Although the extra wide Hummer has difficultly driving down England’s narrow countryside roads, he ensured that being on “normal roads” is “no problem at all.”

Still unsurprisingly, the stand-out SUVT doesn’t go unnoticed on the street - which is something that Niall likes to take advantage of.

He admits: “I find big cars more interesting, they just draw more attention, they are better looking.

“They have got more presence on the road. You drive along and people see you, people notice you and they move out of the way.

His friends and family, who refer to the Hummer as the “six-wheeled beast” confess they too enjoy the public attention that the monstrous six-seater vehicle attracts.

Niall’s brother Damon told Barcroft TV: “It’s a great head-turner when we go out. Everywhere we go people are looking, taking photos, posting it on the internet.

“It’s like a celebrity vehicle.”

Niall added: “You either love it or hate it. Most people love it.”