By Dan Howlett @DanHowlett85

A RARE classic car was found in a barn after its owner bought it before the Vietnam War - then mothballed it for more than two decades

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Videographer / Director: David Ryder
Producer: John Balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

Restoring a classic: Marshall Woolery helped bring the car back to its former glory

Ron Smith, 71, decided he wanted to have some fun before being deployed to Vietnam in 1969 so bought one of only 503 Dodge Charger Daytonas.

Head turner: It is one of only 503 Dodge Charger Daytonas ever built

He spent $4776.46 on the car - $30,000 in today’s money – and began touring America before heading off to South East Asia.

Big Bucks: The car could be worth a six figure sum if it ever goes to auction

When he returned from the war he drove the classic car for a number of years before he finally gave up on it in 1980.

Small change: Ron Smith paid just $4776.46 for the car - $30,000 in today’s money

The car was beginning to fail regularly and was old by the standards of the day so Ron parked it in his father’s lock up where it remained for more than two decades.

Hard to believe: Marshall was shocked when he discovered the Dodge had been locked up for more than two decades

Ron began thinking about restoring the car a few years ago but had to be sure his prized possession would not fall into the wrong hands.

Petrol heads: Three of Ron's friends pose with the car after returning from the Vietnam war

After being recommended a trusted restorer by a handyman who spotted the car in the lock up Ron decided to take the risk and contacted Marshall Woolery.

Lend a hand: Ron's father (pictured) helped his son to maintain the car after he bought it in 1969

Marshall, 45, was sceptical and did not believe a Dodge Charger Daytona could be locked away in someone’s barn.

Good deal: Ron secured the car with a $20 down payment

Marshall said: “I went to see the car as a favour to a friend but never in a million years did I believe there would be a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona in there.

Forgotten about: The car was garaged in the early 1980s and not restored for more than two decades
Ticket to the highlife: Ron was invited onto the set of a TV show when his car was spotted in San Francisco

“Originally Ron asked me to do a full restoration but that would have cost him more than $100,000 and you would have lost a lot of what the car was.

“You can’t recreate all the time that has passed since this car was built – so we just fixed it.

Family affair: Ron's mother loved the car so much that she decided to pose with it in 1970

“We probably spent around $12,000 on fixing the car and replaced it with original parts or as close as we could possibly get.”

Keep it classic: Marshall tried to use as many original parts as possible during the restoration

Marshall is confident that Ron’s initial $4776.46 investment could prove to be a savvy one.

“A similar car just went for $900,000,” added Marshall.

“If you get two guys in an auction room who really want this car then the sky is the limit.

“It’s such a rare find – certainly the best barn find I’ve ever heard of.”